Expert Witness
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  Expert Witness
  Legal Experience
  Wintersports related litigation is an expanding field where the legal professional frequently requires specialist advice from an expert who is not only familiar within his field, but is also familiar with the workings of the legal system.

My experience and qualifications place me in a unique position to advise the legal and insurance professions in respect of snowsports.

  • As an internationally qualified instructor, examiner and coach I am able to offer guidance and assistance when the conduct of an instructor is being called into question. Over the years I have been, and remain involved in the drafting and development of many ski instructing awards which are offered in the UK.
  • As a member of several of ASTM’s expert committees I am directly involved in the monitoring and development of standards, practices and protocols related to wintersports and the supply of wintersports equipment.

Though the introduction of the role of Single Joint Expert is changing the manner in which experts are instructed I currently receive approximately 60% of my instructions from Claimant’s solicitors. Though the majority of cases are settled before trial I have given oral evidence a number of times.

In addition to working within the UK I have worked with the legal profession in jurisdictions as diverse as the Republic of Ireland and the USA.

  Ski and Snowboarding Instruction and Coaching
  Professional conduct of ski and snowboard instructors and coaches,
Training, grading and assessment of instructors and coaches,
Ski school management,
Ski guiding and guides conduct,
Ski and snowboard instructional conduct on snow and artificial ski slopes,
Mountain safety including weather, altitude and avalanche hazards,
Safe practice for school parties.
  Ski Equipment
  Ski binding setting and adjustment,
Ski binding function testing and verification,
ski equipment product liability issues,
Ski equipment related issues,
Ski lift design,
maintenance and evacuation from ski lifts.
  Ski centre design
  Design and management of ski trails,
Design and construction of artificial ski slopes,
Design and construction of indoor ski centres,
Supply of ski equipment at artificial ski centres,
Lifespan and use of artificial skiing surfaces,
Snow making systems
  Skier and Snowboarder Conduct
  Collisions, Rules and codes of practice

Assisting the legal profession in these situations requires the provision of a range of services including;

• Providing informal initial advice
• Interviewing witnesses
• Site Inspections
• Preparation of evidential reports
• Document reviews
• Conferences with Counsel
• Expert meetings per CPR pt35